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Workplace Studies & Links

The Use Of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Maryland

The study, "Evaluation of Early Mediation Programs," was presented by Heather Anderson at the ABA Dispute Resolution Section Annual Conference.

An Oregon Department of Justice (ODOJ) Study comparing legal process cost across a diverse range of disputes, found that...."the monthly cost of resolving a case by taking it through trial to a verdict ($60,557) is on average the most expensive. At the other end of the spectrum, mediation cost about $ 9,537. To downlode the study FINALbriefingECRCostEff.pdf

There are several components to Workplace Mediation, using a variety of Mediation and Facilitation techniques.

• Co-Worker Disputes
• Disputes between Management & Employees
• Business to Business
• Team Building
• Staff Development
• Organizational Facilitation & Strategic Planning

Nothing can ruin a good job faster than a dispute with another coworker or the management. Conflict in the Workplace leads to a decline in productivity, peace of mind and the health of the organization and the individuals involved.

People who work together--colleagues, employees, and employers--come into conflict in ways that may be damaging to themselves or others around them. Colleagues may find the behavioral styles or work habits of their peers to be of concern. Employees may feel that they are unfairly treated or terminated. Employers may find their personnel policies or practices inadequate to address distressing behaviors of staff members.

Organizations providing mediation and intervention as an avenue of dispute resolution send an implicit message of trust and empowerment to their employees. It offers a unique opportunity for people who work together to build or rebuild trust and healthy working relationships. Organizations find that mediation is an enormously cost-effective tool for responding to conflict. For information about the cost effectiveness of Workplace Mediation refer to the Hot Links at the Top of the Page.


Co-worker Disputes: Choose mediation as a non adversarial opportunity to have a conversation about the issues before they esculate. Find common ground. Lay the ground work for positive interaction in the future . Find ways to turn the conflict into an opportunity for growth and clarification. Build bridges to the future. Explore Win / Win solutions to the issues.

Worker/Management Issues: Labor Disputes discussed in mediation offer opportunity for both sides to be heard and speak to the issues, clarify the issues and find equitable solutions to the problem. Don't bog down in negotiations, transform the issues into positive growth. Use mediation for lasting settlements.


Business/Business Mediate before you Litigate. Mediation offers the opportinuty to explore and define the deeper causes of the issue and to build a common cause of understanding providing a Win/Win situation to the problem.


Team Building
Effective team building in a business setting enhances morale and productivity. Co-workers who are thrown together with no guidance in team building often revert to counter-productive patterns of behavior: forming cliques, jockeying for position, working against one another, gossiping and creating a hostile work environment -- all at the employer's expense.

• With guidance in team building, co-workers learn to:
• discover one another's strengths
• communicate effectively
• work together in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation
• derive maximum respect and satisfaction on the job

Staff Development
Rapid growth and high employee turn over can lead to a disconnect in job discriptions and understanding of duties and roles. Bring Departments together to form a cooperative, creative and productive work force.

  Organizational Facilitation & Strategic Planning
The most successful businesses involve their workforce in a collaborative process to develop strategies and policies.

Stakeholders at every level of an organization have ideas and innovations that often go unheard and unused, to the detriment of the company or organization. In the late 1960's, 3M implemented an 'active listening' policy that lead to an employee inventing Post-It Notes. Because they listened, 3M benefited.
A wide variety of companies, non-profits and state agencies use collaborative strategic planning and facilitation to harmonize individual contributions and maximize results.
Employees take greater responsibility for company strategies they participate in creating; companies benefit from shared ideas and creativity. Retreats that employ facilitation have often corrected damaging disconnects between non-profit boards of directors and other stakeholders.
Professional facilitation and strategic planning process bring results for all involved: employee satisfaction, higher productivity and increased profits.

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